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Jas grew up in Southern California in the '60s, and in Alabama in the '70s and '80s. Given the musical landscapes, it was a great place and time to growing up with a guitar in his hands.  His family settled in Alabama when he was 14 and, over time, he became part of Alabama’s musical community, playing rock, jazz, blues and country in a number of different groups, including the University of Alabama Jazz Ensemble. 


Jas, his wife Carla, and daughters Hayden and Callie have been fortunate to live abroad and in several cities in the US – each place offering new opportunities to meet great friends and play some wonderful music.

Eventually, these life and musical experiences coalesced as the background tapestry for Jas’s songwriting. Over the course of thirty years, he continued to hone his songwriting skills and now offers his first LP entitled “Just Short of Redemption” – an eclectic collection of twelve songs ranging genre-wise across rock, roots country and gospel styles. Jas collaborated with long-time friend and Alison Prestwood (bass player extraordinaire - look her up) to pull together a group of some of the best musicians in Nashville, and their artistry comes through loud and clear as you listen to the songs; he hopes you’ll enjoy listening to his music as much as he enjoyed bringing it to you!

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