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The Album

Working with long-time friend Alison Prestwood, Jas pulled together a bunch of top-flight musicians and vocalists, and recorded an album of songs he'd written during his musical journey - most of which had never been performed by a full band. Alison was kind enough to produce the record, and did a fantastic job. Credit for the stellar artwork goes jointly to Michael McDevitt (CD design) and Callie Stewart (photography). Musical contributors were Etta Britt, Regina McCrary, George Pendergrass, Jackie Wilson, and Taylor Steele (vocals), John Gardner and Paul Scholten (drums), Catherine Marx (keyboards), Michael Johnson (steel & resonator), Mike Henderson (slide guitar), Tammy Rogers (fiddle & mandolin), Joel Key (acoustic guitar & banjo), and Alison Prestwood (vocals, bass & electric guitar). Recorded at County Q Productions in Nashville - Ace Lutz and Mike Purcell handled the engineering, mixing and mastering. Much of the magic stemmed from the fact that almost all of the songs, including the solos were recorded in one or two takes - "gifting" the listener with live performances, and true, spontaneous interplay between the players. Digital release was on May 30th; it's available on all frequented digital music outlets. We're all really pleased with how it turned out, and looking forward to sharing it with you!

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